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How to Sell Clothes by Consignment

Sell Clothes Consignment


“When can I drop off my consignment items?”

Whenever you would like! But we would like it if you made an appointment.

Without an appointment, if you when you drop off your consignment items, if we are busy you might have to wait a bit.

By making an appointment, we will be certain to set aside the time to carefully go over what you have to consign, so we can offer you our best deals.

We can view your items on any weekday – Mon – Fri from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Sorry no drop-offs on Saturday.

You are welcome to bring up to 25 items (at a time) for us to check out. We always love looking at new things!

If we decide that your items are not suitable for resale and you don’t want them back, we’ll even take care of the hassle of donation by giving them to Hospice House. Donation slips for taxes are available upon request.

Feel free to make an appointment to come by during your lunch break and let us see what you’ve got!

Why Consign Your Clothes to Us?

Do you have unwanted or unworn clothes cluttering up your closet?  

  • Have you changed jobs lately and have to fast track your wardrobe?
  • Have you just graduated or started out in a new career?
  • Got clothing as a gift – but it doesn’t really fit you or your lifestyle?
  • Or do you just want a new look – something different from your current style?

It doesn’t matter why, but if you have clothes that you’re no longer wearing, why not sell them through Clothes Encounters?

 It’s so easy.

At Clothes Encounters, we sell quality women’s designer clothes on consignment:  like-new, pre-owned clothing of all kinds along with designer shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

We prefer to offer consignment over a cash payout because over the years we have learned it’s the best way for you (as a seller) to get the maximum amount of money for your clothes.

So why short-change yourself just for a quick buck or two?

But we understand sometimes an easy, no hassle payment is what YOU want and so we can always cut a check for you.

“How does consignment work?”

You make an appointment to bring in your items (see our requirements below), we will go over them carefully, give you our pricing recommendation and if you accept, place them out on our sales floor.

Once your items are sold you will receive 40% of the actual selling price. You have the option of getting store credit (any time an item sells) or opt to wait for a check.

NOTE: Checks are processed once your account has at least $25 USD in it. You can drop by the store anytime during our regular hours to pick up your check at the end of the month.

“We Only Carry Items that are Clean, In Style, & In Great Condition”

We only accept gently-worn women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry that meet our standards. We can’t guarantee acceptance of all clothing and accessories, even designer goods.

We only accept women’s clothes in sizes (0-16), from selected designers or name brands (click here to view some of our favorites).

We accept tops, jackets, coats, dresses, skirts, jeans, slacks, handbags, shoes, boots, scarves and belts.

All clothing should be in the current styles (2 years or less). Each item should be cleaned, pressed and on hangers (we’ll give you the hangers back). And each piece should be in clean and in a like-new condition (No rips, stains, wrinkles, missing buttons or broken zippers and odor-free ).

Our polices might seem picky but we want our customers to have the best selection of  designer clothes and accessories in the area. Not to mention, clothes in good condition will sell quickly and get the best prices!

“How Do You Price My Clothes?”

Based on our many years of experience with buying and selling designer clothing, we will set a price on your items that fairly reflects their value and will help them sell for us both.

“How Long Do You Keep Clothing on the Floor?”

Clothing is kept for 90 days (3 months) on the floor for display. There are 2 markdowns on price within that 90 day period.

“What Do You Do with Clothing After 90 Days?”

All clothing that does not sell during the 90 days, either becomes the property of the store or is donated to the Hospice Thrift Store – CarePartners Foundation. If donated a tax credit is available upon request.

“Do You Allow Returns or Exchanges?”

No. Our store policy is “All Sales are Final”. If you have any questions about any item of clothing or apparel in our shop, please ask us BEFORE you purchase.

“Do you have bridal, formal or wedding clothing for sale?”

Sorry, no. And here’s why.

“Do you sell or accept men’s clothing on consignment?”

Yes!  We currently accept select items of gently-worn men’s designer clothing and sport shoes. Please call us if you are unsure what we will accept.

“Do you sell or accept wedding dresses or formal wear on consignment?”

The answer is NO! And here is why…We do NOT accept or sell any bridal, wedding gowns or formal wear!


If you have any questions about our consignment policy please use this handy email form to contact us.