Our BIG Summer Sale 2016




3 Benefits of our BIG Summer Consignment Sale

Here at Clothes Encounters, our customers all look forward to our twice-a-year bonanza sales! Starting Saturday, July 30, 2016, our BIG summer sale begins! All of our summer items will be 50% off.

Yes, our entire summer-time inventory will be half off from July 30 – August 5, 2016.

Smart shoppers always drop in during our bi-annual bargains. This because they are a great way to:


  • Enjoy the latest fashions now, before the season ends.

Why wait until the end of season to get a real deal on hot summer trends? Not only do we have a great collection of summer dresses and blouses, light sweaters and skirts. And sandals!

Have we got sandals…you can never have too many in our opinion…we have flats, wedges and heels.

If you can   name we’ve got it. We also still have a few pair of Frye cowboy boots in sizes 5.5 and 7.5. As we all       now a classic boot never really goes out of style.

And for those of you who LOVE the best in designer sunglasses, we have a nice little collection of Gucci, Tony      Burch, Dolce Gabbana, Armani and Tiffany waiting for you to try on.


  • Stretch your shopping dollars.

By coming by the boutique during our sale, you find some fabulous handbags from designers as Coach, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Dooney & Bourke and Kate Spade.


  • Build up a chic and stylish wardrobe – for less.

For anyone still in college or just starting out in new career, now is the best time to get some wonderful looking fashion accessories, skirts and dress pants.

It’s so much fun to accessorize that little blue skirt or those dress pants with a few affordable, high-end jewelry pieces and scarves.

Our high-end accessories are a great way for you spruce up any wardrobe — whether you are just going to classes or “dressing to impress” that new boss.

Clothes Encounters usually has something for almost everyone…from working professionals to stay-at-home-moms, from fashion smart students to retirees on a budget.

Interested? Then we invite to come by early and see for yourself (sometimes shoppers stand in line the first few days of a sale).