“Do you have bridal, formal or wedding clothing for sale?”

No. Unfortunately, the answer has to be NO!

 We do not accept or sell any bridal, wedding gowns or formal wear!


Many years ago, we used to accept wedding and formal gowns on consignment and sell bridal accessories.

But now due to the changing times and the ability of brides to buy a wide selection of formal gowns online, we stopped selling wedding gowns several years ago.

However Google and other online directories (that we DO NOT CONTROL) still have our shop listed as having wedding dresses!

So, we do NOT have any wedding dresses!

BUT…and this depends, if you are a member of the bride’s or groom’s family  or friends and you don’t have anything to wear (wrong wedding theme), or you have lost your luggage (it happens), we probably can help you find a suitable cocktail dress or two.


Now the only wedding consignment shop we know of is My Modest Gown, located on 302 8th Ave E, Hendersonville, North Carolina – (828) 393-5753 – http://www.mymodestgown.com.

We mention their website “for your information” only! We found them on Google, so you will have to contact them for more information.

To learn more about our consignment shop, go here.