Is consignment eco-friendly?

consignment eco-friendly

Is shopping consignment eco-friendly?

Yes. We believe that by shopping at local shops (another important thing we all can do), by buying like-new items on consignment, we can better protect the environment.

According to The Atlantic, due to wasteful “buy-and-toss” habits, Americans send about 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year.

By purchasing and selling consignment clothing, we are practicing a very valuable form of up-cycling. Instead of tossing things out, our consignors are consciously “reassigning” their items for use by others.

In return, they are well rewarded for taking good care of these items and for passing them onto new owners. And our customers get to purchase these like-new items through a system that allows for deep discounts on designer clothes.

Se basically, we like to think of consignment shopping as a win-win-win…for our consignors, our customers and the environment.