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Unlike other local consignment shops in Asheville, Clothes Encounters has formed relationships with several fashion-forward women in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and other fashion hubs – consignees who ship their upscale consignment clothes almost every week.

That’s why we encourage our customers to drop by as often they can — because we receive frequent shipments from our partner network as well as great items from our local ladies.

Come by often, because there’s no telling what you might find!

Check out some of our new arrivals below…

Want to Look Great for Less?

Buy Luxury Consignment Clothes!

Purchasing pre-owned consignment clothes is more than just about saving money. Carefully selected luxury consignment clothing are clothes that have a certain flair and beauty…and classic styles look as great today as they did when the piece was originally made, just a short time ago.

Smart women from all walks of life (from celebrities to working moms, from professional women to athletes) have always known that “pre-loved” designer clothes are a wonderful way to stretch your budget, while making you look great at the same!

To keep you in-the-know about what designer clothing to buy, here at Clothes Encounters our staff devours fashion magazines and studies articles and photographs to learn how to put together the latest women’s fashion looks for less.

Along with some the best upscale consignment clothes available in the Western North Carolina area, we also offer styling advice, and more.

For example, we always glad to help you determine what to wear for your next job interview, what to wardrobe you need for a weekend getaway, or the essential pieces you should invest in, in order to look your best in the workplace.

This is why buying gently-worn clothing, shoes and accessories from an upscale consignment shop is no longer just an “insider’s secret” for the lucky few!

We invite you to come by any time and check out our new items > Directions to Clothes Encounters.