Quick Tips to Tszuj or Spice Up Your Clothes (and Your Life)

“Do You Want a New Look?”

“But are You Afraid being Fashion-Forward will Change You?”

Do You Need a New Look Let the friendly staff at Clothes Encounters help

“We’re not here to change you, we’re here to make you better.” ~ Carson Kressly

Really, Do You Need a New Look?

Noted fashion expert Carson Kressley has made a career of helping people look their best, but it always comes down to discovering that beauty and confidence always start from within.

Carson offers some super simple tips to tszuj up different parts of your life as well as your clothes. (“In the fashion world, tszuj means to make something better, generally by tweaking it a little to make it fit better or look more stylish”).

In the video below Carson explains that by tszujing or tweaking your clothes with little touches of color (from carefully selected accessories like belts, scarves or shoes) you can subtly change yourself and break out of any ruts you might be in.