Why buy clothes from an high-end consignment shop?

Why Shop Consignment?

Shopping consignment used to be an “insider’s secret” that only hip fashionistas, smart professional women, and celebrities knew about.

Nowadays, with the coming of the big mainstream shops, more and more women are aware of the benefits of shopping resale.

You might be surprised to discover that some the latest and most sophisticated designer clothes can be found right now at a local consignment shop like Clothes Encounters.

In fact, many of our items have never been worn (we have to remove the original price tags) while others been only lightly-worn and are in like-new condition.

Below are four good reasons why it pays to look for designer clothes and accessories at a high-end consignment shop first:

  • Consignment makes clothes shopping ten times easier (and much more affordable). When you buy from an upscale consignment shop, you can always hang up boutique-quality clothes and accessories in your closet just about every week — without blowing up your budget or wrecking your credit card balance.
  • Like-new designer clothes help you make a great first impression for job interviews or when meeting new people. Clothes form part of our non-verbal communications. And we all subconsciously “listen” to what clothes say about other people. So if you want people to listen to you then you need to “dress your message”.
  • Wearing attractive clothes gives you self-confidence and draws the right kind of attention to you. There is personal power in knowing that you are looking your best…a feeling of being in control that show clients, colleagues and customers that you take yourself seriously.
  • Plus designer clothes makes you look like someone who should be respected and expects to be paid well…else how could you afford all those nice things (only you need to know how little you spent on them).

Now that you know the reasons why you shop at designer boutiques like ours, we invite you to come by and see for yourself what’s new at Clothes Encounters.